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Additional file 17: of Comparative analysis of binding patterns of MADS-domain proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana

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posted on 25.06.2018 by Niels Aerts, Suzanne de Bruijn, Hilda van Mourik, Gerco Angenent, Aalt van Dijk
Figure S9. Conservation of CArG-boxes in ChIP-seq peaks among Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes. (A) For each position in each occurrence of a CArG-box, color indicates entropy as a measure for conservation of that position among the ecotypes. Legend indicates logarithmic scale used for entropy values, between 0.0 (perfect conservation) and the maximum observed value of 0.4. CArG-box occurrences are ordered such that those with similar entropy values are close together. The white block observed at the bottom ~ one third of the plot indicates completely conserved CArG-box occurrences. (B) Relationship between entropy of a motif position, and mutation index in ecotypes. Each dot represent one positions of a CArG-box including a 3 nucleotide extension. Entropy for a motif position was obtained using all CArG-boxes underlying the motif logo in Col-0. Position 10 is plotted separately, as it is a major outlier; this is explained by the much stronger conservation obtained for this position in perfect CArG boxes. (PDF 55 kb)