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journal contribution
posted on 26.12.2016, 19:34 by Ana María Aguilera-Luque
Purpose: From the assumption that identity fusion will influence the processes of remembrance, this works propose that individuals classified as fused will remember
more in detail certain events of their countries, and the influence of these events will be greater in their identities than the influence in individuals classified as not fused.
Method: In a sample of 450 Spanish subjects, with representativeness close to gender parity, a correlational study is proposed through an online survey. The main objective is to test the possible influence of "person-country" fusion in his/her remembrance processes, for unpleasant experiences in that country, as well as, in his /her identity conformation.
Findings1: The two hypotheses proposed have been refused, due to there is not a significant difference between means in both groups, fused and not fused with their
country, for remembrance clarity and remembrance importance, as variables in this study, for the individual’s identity conformation in the experimental condition
unpleasant event.