gliding motility assay using bovine caseins as a surface passivator

Data are from a gliding motility assay using kinesin-1 and rhodamine labeled microtubules. Videos were taken to investigate the effects of surface passivation on the gliding motility assay. Videos are sped up by a factor of 6 and have been false colored.<br><br>File names follow the convention: <b>passivatorType_Y-M-D_roi</b>.avi. Note that passivatorType can be any of the following: [Alpha_casein, Beta_casein, Kappa_casein, Mixed_casein, Whole_casein]. Y-M-D is a date indicator, and roi is a zero padded integer value indicating a "Region Of Interest" within the slide.<div><br></div><div><b>If you plan to redo speed measurements.</b></div><div>Use the timestamps.json file to get accurate timestamps between frames when converting the avi to individual frames. Each avi should have 600 individual frames.<br><div><br>Please see the given paper for more information about the data and the experiments.<br></div></div>