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sST2 downregulation suppresses orthotopic tumor growth of Panc02 cells.

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posted on 27.04.2020, 17:29 authored by Keizo Takenaga, Miho Akimoto, Nobuko Koshikawa, Hiroki Nagase

(A) Knockdown of sST2 expression by ST2 shRNA. The expression levels of sST2 in Panc02-shCont, Panc02-sh#3 and Panc02-sh#5 cells were normalized to the expression of Gapdh and are presented as the ratio to the expression in Panc02-shCont cells (n = 3). (B) Secretion of sST2 by Panc02-shCont (n = 3), Panc02-sh#3 (n = 3) or Panc02-sh#5 cells (n = 3). (C) In vitro growth of Panc02-shCont, Panc02-sh#3 or Panc02-sh#5 cells (n = 3). (D) Orthotopic tumor growth of Panc02-shCont, Panc02-sh#3 and Panc02-sh#5 cells. The cells were implanted into the pancreas of C57BL/6J mice. Three weeks later, the pancreas and spleen (upper) were removed, and the tumors were excised (lower). (E) Orthotopic tumor volume formed by Panc02-shCont (n = 5 mice), Panc02-sh#3 (n = 6 mice) and Panc02-sh#5 cells (n = 7 mice). (F) Orthotopic tumor weight. Similar results were obtained in three independent experiments. The data are shown as the mean ± SD. *P<0.05. **P<0.001.