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sCD163 levels correlate with severity of VL.

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posted on 29.03.2017 by Ricardo Luís Louzada Silva, Marcio B. Santos, Priscila L. S. Almeida, Thayse S. Barros, Lucas Magalhães, Rodrigo A. Cazzaniga, Patrícia R. M. Souza, Nívea F. Luz, Jaqueline França-Costa, Valeria M. Borges, Djalma S. Lima-Junior, Michael W. Lipscomb, Malcolm S. Duthie, Steven G. Reed, Roque Pacheco Almeida, Amélia Ribeiro Jesus

(A) sCD163 levels were measured in sera of VL patients of different clinical status. The mean ± SD sCD163 levels of patients with classical VL at D0 (D0-Classic, n = 33) (152,1 ± 67,86 ng/mL), D30 (n = 19) (98,79 ± 58,58 ng/mL) and of patients of severe VL at D0 (D0-SVL) (n = 13) (241,5 ± 76,88 ng/mL) were compared by Mann-Whitney test. Sera from Leishmania-infected individuals without symptoms or signs of VL (DTH+, n = 11, 72,55 ± 25,68 ng/mL) and healthy individuals from non-endemic regions (HC, n = 8, 49,0 ± 23,71 ng/mL) were included as control groups. Spearman correlation analyses between sCD163 concentrations were performed versus (B) spleen size, (C) liver size and (D) neutrophil count. (E) Paired analysis of sCD163 levels of VL patients before and after treatment (n = 15, p = 0.0455, paired t test). ROC curves of sCD163 concentration comparing HC versus (F) D0-Classic, (G) D0-Classic versus D30 and (H) D0 versus D0-SVL group.