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mVSG expression in fly-derived trypanosomes.

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posted on 2022-03-07, 18:36 authored by Virginia M. Howick, Lori Peacock, Chris Kay, Clare Collett, Wendy Gibson, Mara K. N. Lawniczak

(A) The genomic context of 11 mVSGs identified in strains 1738 and J10. The rectangles with a solid black outline represent the mVSG and are coloured to match Fig 2D. The sequences of each mVSG can be found in S1 File. (B) The transcript abundance of mVSG across 388 fly-derived trypanosome cells on the UMAP coloured by the logged sum of the mVSG counts in each cell and sized by the number of different mVSG detected in that cell. (C) The breakdown of mVSG expression per cluster. C5 had the highest proportion of cells expressing mVSG and the greatest proportion of those cells expressing multiple mVSG. (D) A barchart of all cells expressing mVSG (>1 read) organised by cluster and strain. Strain-specific expression of mVSG was seen at high levels in C5, which is primarily composed of strain J10.