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dZDHHC8 resides at the Golgi.

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posted on 2019-02-08, 18:32 authored by Katrin Strassburger, Evangeline Kang, Aurelio A. Teleman

(A) Antibody against dZDHHC8 specifically detects dZDHHC8 in immunofluorescent stainings of Drosophila S2 cells treated with control (luciferase) dsRNA as there is no staining upon dZDHHC8 knockdown (dsRNA anti dZDHHC8). (B) Endogenous dZDHHC8 (red) was co-stained with markers for different cellular compartments (green). Overexpressed organelle markers are Golgi-tethered fringe-myc, HA-Rab5 marking endosomes, GFP-KDEL marking endoplasmic reticulum and dLamp1-GFP marking lysosomes. DAPI was used to stain nuclei. dZDHHC8 co-localises with the Golgi-tethered marker.