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cc4821 lineage/sublineage distribution of fluoroquinolone resistance-associated gyrA alleles and penA alleles associated with reduced penicillin susceptibility.

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posted on 2020-12-10, 18:28 authored by Jay Lucidarme, Bingqing Zhu, Li Xu, Xilian Bai, Yuan Gao, Juan José González-López, Robert Mulhall, Kevin J. Scott, Andrew Smith, Paola Stefanelli, Bianca Stenmark, Paul Torpiano, Georgina Tzanakaki, Ray Borrow, Zhujun Shao

gyrA alleles were considered to be associated with fluoroquinolone resistance (MIC ≥ 0.03 mg/L) if they possessed mutations affecting residues T91 or D95 of the corresponding peptide. penA alleles were considered to be associated with reduced penicillin susceptibility (0.094 to 1 mg/L) if they encoded the following mutations: F504L, A510V, I515V, H541N and I566V.