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35S pulse chase of HIV-1 virions produced in IPMK or IPPK KO cells.

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posted on 2021-01-21, 18:28 authored by Gregory A. Sowd, Christopher Aiken

A–C. Immunoblots of CA immunoprecipitants from 35S labeled progeny virions released from the indicated cell lines. Protein sizes are to the left of each blot in kiloDaltons. Top panel: Phosphorimaging scan. Bottom panel: Blot probed with HIV-Ig. D–O. Quantification of the 35S signal from released HIV-1 particles at each chase time point in hours (hr) for CA (D and E), Gag (F and G), MA-CA-SP1-NC (H and I), MA-CA-SP1+MA-CA (J and K), CA-SP1 (L and M), and the adjusted total signal in each lane relative to the respective 6 hour (h) back complemented cell line (N and O). In N and O, values for the KOVector data points are adjusted by dividing by the transcription/translation efficiency for the respective KO cell line. In panels A–O, HIV-1 particles released into the cell medium were used for CA immunoprecipitation. Points represent the average value from to 2 independent 35S pulse/ chase experiments. Significance levels: * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.