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solTNF is necessary for BLM-induced PF

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posted on 21.02.2013, 13:00 by Nikos Oikonomou, Vaggelis Harokopos, Jonathan Zalevsky, Christos Valavanis, Anastasia Kotanidou, David E. Szymkowski, George Kollias, Vassilis Aidinis

WT and transgenic mice were injected intravenously with saline or BLM and sacrificed at indicated time points post injection. (A) Representative H/E (4×) and Masson (10×) stainings of lung sections of WT, tnf−/− and tnftm/tm mice. Inflammatory infiltrates are evident in WT and tnftm/tm lungs at subpleural and peribronchial areas (open arrow) while fibrosis develops only in WT lungs (closed arrow). tnf−/− mice show no signs of disease. (B) Total inflammatory cell counts in BALF, expressed as a percentage over the corresponding saline injections. (C) Soluble collagen determination in lung extracts, expressed as a percentage of the corresponding saline injections. Bars represent mean values ±SD. Statistically significant differences are indicated by the corresponding t-test p values.


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