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siRNA targeting NRF1 mRNA ablates SPAST promoter function.

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posted on 04.05.2012, 00:55 authored by Brian J. Henson, Wan Zhu, Kelsey Hardaway, Jaime L. Wetzel, Mihaela Stefan, Kathryn M. Albers, Robert D. Nicholls

A) Cartoon showing the structure of the pGL3e-SPAST-promoter-luciferase vector, and the inhibitory mechanisms of siRNA action. Symbols are as for Fig. 1A. B) The plasmid pGL3e-SPAST-promoter was co-transfected into SK-N-SH cells with pSUPER shRNA vectors that target either NRF1, luciferase, or negative control (Arl2). *, P<0.05.