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sLOX-1 release in EA.hy926 cells.

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posted on 23.10.2015, 02:43 by Magda Gioia, Giulia Vindigni, Barbara Testa, Sofia Raniolo, Giovanni Francesco Fasciglione, Massimiliano Coletta, Silvia Biocca

(A) EA.hy926 cells were grown overnight in serum free medium in the absence (lanes 1–4) or in the presence (lanes 5–8) of ox-LDL (20μg/ml). MβCD was added to cells for the last 30 min incubation (lane 2, 3 and 8). GM6001 inhibitor was present for 30 min (lane 3) or overnight (lane 6). Western blot analysis of conditioned media was performed with anti-human LOX-1 receptor. (B) MTS assay performed on EA.hy926 cells plated at a density of 1,5x104 cells/well and incubated overnight with different concentration of ox-LDL. Results are expressed as percentage of absorbance ± SEM compared to control cells.