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rShH10 expression following intravitreal injection in the adult rat retina.

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posted on 2009-10-14, 00:14 authored by Ryan R. Klimczak, James T. Koerber, Deniz Dalkara, John G. Flannery, David V. Schaffer

Confocal imaging of immunostained transverse retinal sections 3 weeks post-injection of 2.5×1010 viral particles (vector genomes) of dsCAG-GFP vectors with capsids from AAV2 (A–C), ShH10 (D–F), and AAV6 (G–I) (n = 6). Glutamine synthetase (GS) staining (red) (B,E,H) and visualization of colocalization (C,F,I) reveals more robust Müller cell expression by ShH10 (E, F) relative to AAV2 (B,C), whereas AAV6 shows no visible expression (G–I). Additionally, GFP expression shows specific transduction of Müller cells by ShH10 (D) compared to AAV2 (A), which exhibits considerably more transduction of retinal ganglion cells and interneurons.