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rAd/NP immunization protects mice from weight loss and mortality following homologous PR8 challenge.

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posted on 2013-09-25, 01:39 authored by So-Hee Kim, Joo Young Kim, Youngjoo Choi, Huan H. Nguyen, Man Ki Song, Jun Chang

BALB/c mice were immunized intranasally or sublingually with 1×107 PFU or 1×108 PFU of rAd/NP. Control mice were immunized intranasally with rAd/Mock. Mice that received rAd/NP via sublingual route were boosted two weeks after the primary vaccination. Subsequently mice in all vaccination groups were challenged intranasally with 10 LD50 of PR8 virus three weeks after their last immunization. (A) Body weight and (B) survival rate were recorded daily. (C) Viral replication levels were determined by plaque assay on MDCK cells in supernatant of lung homogenates harvested on day 5 post-challenge. Bars show log10 geometric mean titer ± SEM of five mice per group.