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ΔplcR-wt expression ratios as determined by lacZ fusions.

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posted on 30.07.2008, 01:34 by Michel Gohar, Karoline Faegri, Stéphane Perchat, Solveig Ravnum, Ole Andreas Økstad, Myriam Gominet, Anne-Brit Kolstø, Didier Lereclus

Ratios of expression between the wildtype strain and the delta plcR strain as determined by lacZ fusions. The log2 of these ratios were plotted at t2 vs t0. Each red circle represents the values obtained for one gene. Inside the blue square at the center of the figure are the genes for which the expression ratios were equal or less than 2. The transcription of all the other genes was induced by PlcR both at t0 and at t2 (yellow square ‘a’).


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