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pIgR-deficient NOD mice exhibit altered IgA levels and increased diabetes incidence.

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posted on 2015-04-02, 15:01 authored by Kim R. Simpfendorfer, Richard A. Strugnell, Thomas C. Brodnicki, Odilia L. C. Wijburg

IgA concentration in fecal extracts (A) and serum (B) from female NOD and pIgR-deficient NOD mice are shown, mean values are represented by horizontal bars, and statistical significance is represented by ** P = 0.001. The cumulative incidence of diabetes was determined for age-matched female (C) and male (D) cohorts. The statistical significance of pairwise comparisons of diabetes incidence curves are (C) *** P = 7.6x10-6, (D) ** P = 0.001.