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pH stability of the β-galactosidases from B. breve β-gal I (•) and β-gal II (○) incubated at 37°C in Britton-Robinson buffer over a pH range of pH 5.0–9.0 for 4 h (solid lines) and 10 h (dashed lines).

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posted on 04.08.2014, 03:13 by Sheryl Lozel Arreola, Montira Intanon, Jasmina Suljic, Roman Kittl, Ngoc Hung Pham, Paul Kosma, Dietmar Haltrich, Thu-Ha Nguyen

The residual activity was measured after 4(B) and oNPG was used as substrate for the enzyme assay. Values are the mean of two independent experiments and the standard deviation was always less than 5%.