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p62 specifically interacts with HDAC6.

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posted on 27.09.2013, 02:01 authored by Jin Yan, Michael Lamar Seibenhener, Luis Calderilla-Barbosa, Maria-Theresa Diaz-Meco, Jorge Moscat, Jianxiong Jiang, Marie W. Wooten, Michael C. Wooten

(A) Lysates of HEK cells transfected or not with HA-HDAC6 were subjected to GST-p62 pulldown assay. Tagged constructs were captured on glutathione sepharose beads and analyzed by Western blot with anti-HA and anti-GST antibodies. (B) HEK cells were transfected with FLAG-HDAC6 and myc-p62 constructs. HDAC6 was immunoprecipitated with FLAG-tag antibody and presence of co-precipitating myc-p62 (included in highlighted box) analyzed by Western blot with anti-myc antibody. Presence of transfected constructs were confirmed in the whole cell lysate. (C) Endogenously expressed p62 and HDAC6 was examined in WT MEF cells by immunoprecipitation with p62 or HDAC6 antibodies and analyzed by Western blot with corresponding antibodies. (D) Endogenous HDAC6 and p62 localization was examined by immunofluorescence in WT MEF cells.


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