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osd1 mutants skip meiosis II.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 05:39 by Isabelle d'Erfurth, Sylvie Jolivet, Nicole Froger, Olivier Catrice, Maria Novatchkova, Raphaël Mercier

(A and B) Male meiotic products stained with toluidine blue. (A) A wild-type tetrad. (B) A dyad in the osd1-1 mutant. (C–D) Male meiosis in osd1 is indistinguishable from wild type until telophase I (compare to figure 4), but no figures characteristic of a second division were observed. (C) Pachytene. (D) Diakinesis. (E) Metaphase I. (F) Anaphase I. (G) Telophase I. Two nuclei separated by a band of mitochondria are observed. (H) Metaphase I of female meiosis in osd1.


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