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nNOS transgene expression does not reduce muscle fiber damage in dko mice.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 14:00 by Michelle Wehling-Henricks, James G. Tidball

A. The percentage of damaged fibers in soleus muscles of nNOS TG-/dko mice (black bar) and nNOS TG+/dko mice (grey bar) does not differ. n = 5 mice per group. B. The aggregate distribution of intracellular fluorescence in all soleus fibers from each group. A rightward shift on the abscissa would indicate an increase in the number of fibers with lesions. The black and white, striped peaks represent fibers of nNOS TG-/dko mice, the red peaks represent fibers from nNOS TG+/dko mice and the striped, red areas indicate overlap between the groups. n = 5 mice per group.