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miR-205 is expressed during thymic ontogeny and maintained in the adult thymus.

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posted on 2015-08-13, 02:55 authored by Imran S. Khan, Chong Y. Park, Anastasia Mavropoulos, Nikki Shariat, Joshua L. Pollack, Andrea J. Barczak, David J. Erle, Michael T. McManus, Mark S. Anderson, Lukas T. Jeker

(A) X-gal staining was performed on transverse sections of e14.5 miR-205lacZ embryos to identify patterns of miR-205 transcription. (B) Whole-mount X-gal staining was performed on a dissected e18.5 miR-205lacZ embryo (left) and positive lacZ reporter activity was observed in the thymus (arrow). A dissected and stained miR-210lacZ embryo (right) is shown as a negative control for lacZ activity in the thymus. These images have been published previously at (C) Thymic sections from an e18.5 miR-205lacZ embryo were cut and then stained with X-gal. Arrows indicate positive lacZ reporter activity in a subset of cells in the thymus. (D)in situ hybridization for miR-205 was performed on frozen thymic sections from 6–8 week old B6 wildtype mice. Serial sections were hybridized using either a miR-205 probe or a scramble probe. Image pairs from two samples are shown. Scale bars = 200 μm. (E-F) Sorted thymic subsets from either Aire+/+(E) or Aire-/-(F) mice were analyzed by qPCR for miR-205 expression. Both genotypes carried the Aire-GFP (Adig) allele to facilitate the sorting of Aire+/GFP+ and Aire-/GFP- mTEC subsets. Reactions were standardized to sno202 and then normalized to CD45+ cells with error bars depicting mean ±SD.