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identification of genes overexpressed in primary myeloma cells and/or myeloma cell lines compared to normal plasmablasts or plasma cells and associated with patients’ prognostic value.

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posted on 31.07.2012, 02:42 by Alboukadel Kassambara, Dirk Hose, Jérôme Moreaux, Thierry Rème, Jennifer Torrent, Jean François Rossi, Hartmut Goldschmidt, Bernard Klein

281 and 702 probe sets were overexpressed in MMCs and HMCLs compared to normal counterparts, respectively. These probe sets correspond to 678 unique genes/ESTs among which 332 genes/ESTs were associated to bad or good prognostic using HM cohort of patients. The prognostic value of 50 out of the 332 genes/ESTs is validated using an independent UAMS-TT2 cohort. Among these 50 genes, 37 were stem cell genes, 3 were differentiated cell genes and 10 genes were unclassified.