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kdr Diploid genotypes following PCR amplification of apartment samples.

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posted on 2016-02-22, 10:54 authored by Ronald W. Raab, Julia E. Moore, Edward L. Vargo, Lucy Rose, Julie Raab, Madeline Culbreth, Gracie Burzumato, Aurvan Koyee, Brittany McCarthy, Jennifer Raffaele, Coby Schal, Rajeev Vaidyanathan

(A) The frequency of each genotype is presented in the bottom right corner of each gel image. The two brightest bands in the molecular weight ladder denote 500 and 1000 basepairs. “Hom” denotes homozygous, and “Het” denotes heterozygous. Two genotypes–Hom V419/Hom I925 and Het V419L/Hom L925 –were not represented in any of the collections and are therefore not shown. (B) Frequency of 419 or 925 susceptible (V419/L925) or kdr mutant (L419/I925) alleles from bed bugs collected in an apartment complex.