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dMyc regulates gut barrier function.

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posted on 01.11.2018, 17:36 by Kazutaka Akagi, Kenneth A. Wilson, Subhash D. Katewa, Mauricio Ortega, Jesse Simons, Tyler A. Hilsabeck, Subir Kapuria, Amit Sharma, Heinrich Jasper, Pankaj Kapahi

(A) Smurf gut permeability assay in 5966-GS>dMyc RNAi 28 and 35-day old flies. d28:–RU486 (AL: n = 335, DR: n = 422), +RU486 (AL: n = 308, DR: n = 380). d35:–RU486 (AL: n = 84, DR: n = 237), +RU486 (AL: n = 77, DR: n = 151). (B) Age-dependent changes in mRNA expression of Diptericin (Dpt) in dissected fat bodies of 5966-GS>dMyc RNAi flies. Young, middle and old represent day 7, 21 and 35 of adulthood, respectively. mRNA expression for flies at day 0 was set to 1. ‘nc’ represents samples that were not collected. (C) upd3 mRNA expression in dissected guts from 21 day old 5966-GS>dMyc RNAi flies. (D) Mitotic ISCs quantification in 21 day old 5966-GS>dMyc RNAi flies. Error bars indicate SEM of 38 guts. (** p < 0.01 by t-test). (B and C) Error bars indicate SD from three independent biological replicates. (** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05 by t-test). See also S2 Fig.