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SmKI-1 treatment reduces neutrophil migration into pleural cavity in response to carrageenan injection.

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posted on 2018-02-09, 18:43 authored by Suellen B. Morais, Barbara C. Figueiredo, Natan R. G. Assis, Debora M. Alvarenga, Mariana T. Q. de Magalhães, Rafaela S. Ferreira, Angélica T. Vieira, Gustavo B. Menezes, Sergio C. Oliveira

After carrageenan injection (2mg/mL) into pleural cavity, animals received an intravenous dose of SmKI-1 (10 mg/kg) or PBS (vehicle). Four hours later, we recovered cells by washing pleural cavity with PBS. Counting of (a) total cells and (b) neutrophils were performed by cytospin preparations. Specific cell populations in pleural fluid were also evaluated by flow cytometry, being the percentage of (c) neutrophils (Ly6G+CD11b+), (d) macrophages (F4/80+CD11b+), and (e) T lymphocytes (CD3+ cells) calculated from the total cell numbers. Results are expressed as the number of cells per cavity or percentage of cell subpopulations (mean ± SD) for each treated group (5–6 mice each). An Asterisk indicates statistically significant differences of carrageenan+SmKI-1 compared to carrageenan vehicle group (p< 0.05).