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Salmonella strains colonize systemically at higher levels in VAD male mice early in infection.

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posted on 2020-10-02, 17:40 authored by Annica R. Stull-Lane, Kristen L. Lokken-Toyli, Vladimir E. Diaz-Ochoa, Gregory T. Walker, Stephanie A. Cevallos, Andromeda L. N. Winter, Ariel Del Hoyo Muñoz, Guiyan G. Yang, Eric M. Velazquez, Chun-Yi Wu, Renée M. Tsolis

Systemic bacterial burden was characterized by CFU in liver, spleen and blood collected at necropsy 1 day after infection with S. Typhimurium D23580, SL1344 or SARA16 via the i.p. route for male and female mice (n = 4–8) on either control (A) or VAD (B) diet. Data represent mean ± SEM. Significance between male and female mice was determined with a Mann-Whitney test of log-transformed values (*, p<0.05; ns, not significant).