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SLC4A11 is upregulated in ovarian cancer compared with normal ovarian epithelial tissues.

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posted on 01.11.2017, 18:44 by Lianzhi Qin, Ting Li, Yuhua Liu

A. Heat map of the expression of SLC4A family members in 12 cases of ovarian CEPIs compared with 12 cases of OSE. Red: up-regulation; Blue: down-regulation. The image was generated by re-analysis of the raw microarray data of GDS3592. B. SLC4A11 microarray signal values in 12 CEPIs and 12 OSE cases. Data were analyzed by using the tool provided by GEO datasets. C-D. Representative images of IHC staining of SLC4A11 in normal ovarian tissues (C) and serous ovarian cancer tissues (D). Data were obtained from the HPA: