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Ra,b values for synthetic datasets T.

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posted on 05.04.2016 by Pavel Polyakov, Romulus Breban

We considered simulated datasets consisting of 100 outbreak sizes; the vertical arrows show the position of the 50th tree. Panel (a) corresponds to R = 0.6 and shows 2lnB(Ta) as a function of information in Ta, as Ta increases from including the first tree only to including the first N−1 trees. The maximum of 2lnB(Ta) is below 10, suggesting preference for a single R estimate over the whole dataset. Panel (b) is similar to panel (a), except T consisted of 50 trees with Ra = 0.6 and 50 trees with Rb = 0.85. Values of 2lnB(Ta) larger than 10 show where the dataset T can be split into Ta,b with justification for evaluating Ra,b. The corresponding Ra,b values are shown in the panel (c) as a function of 2lnB(Ta).