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NCP1 is important for embryogenesis.

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posted on 2016-03-04, 07:16 authored by Xiaona Cui, Zhiai Guo, Lizhen Song, Yanli Wang, Youfa Cheng

(A to F) Embryos of WT and ncp1 from 1-cell stage to transition stage. Red arrowheads point to the abnormal cell divisions in pro-embryos and suspensor cells at 8-cell (C) and 16-cell stages in ncp1-1 (D), and in hypophysis at the globular stage in ncp1-1 (E). (G, H) Defects of ncp1-1 pid embryos at heart and torpedo stages. From left to right: WT, ncp1-1, ncp1-1 pid, and pid.