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In silico knock-downs effect on predicted signaling circuit activities.

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posted on 2021-02-11, 19:02 authored by Martín Garrido-Rodriguez, Daniel Lopez-Lopez, Francisco M. Ortuno, María Peña-Chilet, Eduardo Muñoz, Marco A. Calzado, Joaquin Dopazo

A) Network representation of three signaling circuits that contain genes with loss of function variants for three subjects from the 1000 genomes cohort. The node color indicates whether a gene contained in it has a loss of function variant (yellow) or not (black). Red and blue arrows indicate stimulations and inhibitions, respectively. B) Predicted signaling activity for three circuit/sample pairs on the sub-figure A. Color represents signaling circuit activity with and without considering the genomic information. C) Violin plots showing all the predicted signaling circuit activities with and without the genomic information for the 1000 genomes cohort (paired Wilcoxon signed-rank test P value < 2.2x10-16).