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Fli-1-induced pre-T LBL perturbs thymic, splenic and bone marrow architecture.

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posted on 07.05.2013, 02:32 by Monique F. M. A. Smeets, Angela C. Chan, Samantha Dagger, Cara K. Bradley, Andrew Wei, David J. Izon

Representative tissue sections (Haematoxylin & Eosin stain) of MigR1 and Fli-1 mice. MigR1 sections show normal organ architecture, whereas Fli-1 sections show thymus and spleen architecture effaced by small infiltrating malignant lymphocytes also present in the Fli-1 sternum. A. Thymus (x10 magnification). B. Spleen (x10 magnification). C. Sternum (x40 magnification).