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FRILAIR is a direct target of miR397.

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posted on 2021-03-19, 17:37 authored by Yajun Tang, Zhipeng Qu, Jiajun Lei, Reqing He, David L. Adelson, Youlin Zhu, Zhenbiao Yang, Dong Wang

(A) Schematic diagrams of FRILAIR mut2 and FRILAIR mut3. (B) Diagrams of constructs used in the transient expression assay. (C) Expression levels of Basta, HYG, miR397 and GFP in tobacco leaves transiently expressing GFP:FRILAIR + miR397, GFP:FRILAIR mut2 + miR397 and GFP:FRILAIR mut3 + miR397 constructs. Tubulin was used as the internal control. HYG stands for the hygromycin resistance gene. (D) Transient expression assays in N. benthamiana, monitoring GFP:FRILAIR by western blot. Relative GFP:FRILAIR accumulation in the different agroinfiltration assays is indicated in bar graphs below each panel. Tubulin is shown as a loading control. Error bars represent SEM from three replicates.