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Drosophila CBP/p300 and HDAC1 activity influence NA9-mediated transdetermination.

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posted on 2021-08-12, 19:19 authored by Gwenaëlle Gavory, Caroline Baril, Gino Laberge, Gawa Bidla, Surapong Koonpaew, Thomas Sonea, Guy Sauvageau, Marc Therrien

(A, C, E, G, I) Micrographs of adult Drosophila eyes. (B, D, F, H, J) Third instar larval eye discs immunostained with anti-Vestigial (Vg) and anti-Eyes Absent (Eya) antibodies. DAPI staining marks the nuclei. The following genotypes were analyzed: (A, B) ey-Gal4, UAS-NA9/+. (C, D) nej3/+; ey-Gal4, UAS-NA9/+. (E, F) ey-Gal4, UAS-NA9/+; UAS-Nej-V5/+. (G, H) ey-Gal4, UAS-NA9/UAS-HDAC1dsRNA. (I, J) ey-Gal4, UAS-NA9/+; UAS-V5-HDAC1/+. Proportion (%) of eyes exhibiting ectopic wing material is indicated at the bottom right of each eye micrograph. Quantifications are shown in Table 2. Yellow arrow points to the anterior dorsal margin exhibiting Vg expression.