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Danio rerio hars generates two transcripts that are predicted to code for distinct proteins.

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posted on 2017-09-21, 18:20 authored by Ashley L. Waldron, Sara Helms Cahan, Christopher S. Franklyn, Alicia M. Ebert

(A) Diagram showing the alternative splicing of hars pre-mRNA into the two transcript variants and the domain structures of the resulting protein products. Solid arrows indicate translation start sites. Dashed arrows indicate primer binding sites used for B. Unk, unknown; ABD, Anticodon Binding Domain. (B) As shown in lane 2, PCR for hars from D rerio cDNA using primers noted by the dashed arrows in A generates two products that differ in size by the length of exon 2 (300 bp). Lane 3 is a PCR product for ef1α, which was used as a positive control.