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D. muscipula GCs operate stomatal opening independently of KDM1.

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posted on 09.12.2020, 18:38 by Anda L. Iosip, Jennifer Böhm, Sönke Scherzer, Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid, Ingo Dreyer, Jörg Schultz, Dirk Becker, Ines Kreuzer, Rainer Hedrich

qPCR relative expression of GC marker genes in isolated GC from trap tissue and GC from petiole tissue compared to expression in the entire trap and in the entire petiole (n ≥ 7; mean normalized to 10,000 actin ± SE). DmQUAC and DmSLAC1 were significantly enriched in the GCs of both trap (Mann–Whitney p = 0.004938 and 0.0106, respectively) and petiole (Mann–Whitney p = 0.0005784 and 0.0008053, respectively), whereas DmSKOR was enriched in the non-GC tissue (both entire trap Mann–Whitney p = 0.01519 and entire petiole p = 0.03322). KDM1 expression was not statistically significant in any of the GC when compared to non-GC tissues like entire traps (Mann–Whitney p = 0.4433) and entire petioles (Mann–Whitney p = 0.1743). The full raw data are provided in S3 Data. GC, guard cell; qPCR, quantitative polymerase chain reaction; SE, standard error.