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Cystathione gamma lyase/Hydrogen Sulphide Pathway Up Regulation Enhances the Responsiveness of α1A and α1B-Adrenoreceptors in the Kidney of Rats with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy - Fig 5

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posted on 18.05.2016, 08:35 by Ashfaq Ahmad, Munavvar A. Sattar, Maleeha Azam, Mohammed H. Abdulla, Safia A. Khan, Fayyaz Hashmi, Nor A. Abdullah, Edward J. Johns

(A, B and C). Dose response curve of renal vasoconstriction responses to set of doses of NA (A), PE (B) and ME (C) in Control, LVH, Control-H2S and LVH-H2S groups rats during saline phase, low dose phase and high dose phase of 5-MeU. Values are mean± SEM of n = 5–7 rats in each group. The significance is overall mean of 4 graded doses (each dose response is averaging the ascending and descending order responses) of an agonist in each phase and compared to saline phase and high dose phase. * P<0.05 vs. Saline phase and # P<0.05 vs. 5-MeU low dose phase.