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ΔCtnnb1 mice lose spermatogonial stem cell activity.

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posted on 2021-05-20, 17:50 authored by Alexandre Boyer, Xiangfan Zhang, Adrien Levasseur, Nour Abou Nader, Guillaume St-Jean, Makoto C. Nagano, Derek Boerboom

A, B) Photographs of decapsulated, LacZ-stained recipient testes 8 weeks after transplantation of donor cells from 8-month-old (A) Rosa-control and (B) RosaCtnnb1 mice. Blue tubule segments represent colonies of donor-derived spermatogenesis. C) Total numbers of functional spermatogonial stem cells present in a donor testis, calculated by multiplying colony numbers (colonies per million transplanted cells) by the total number of germ cells harvested from a donor testis (n = 4 Rosa-control and n = 5 RosaCtnnb1 donor animals whose cells were transplanted in 13 recipient testes/genotype). Data are expressed as means (columns) ± SEM (error bars). * Significant difference from control (P = 0.02).