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Arabidopsis PIFs and MYC2 transcription factors synergistically regulate AtTPS10 transcription and whitefly attraction.

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posted on 2021-01-11, 18:40 authored by Pingzhi Zhao, Xuan Zhang, Yuqing Gong, Duan Wang, Dongqing Xu, Ning Wang, Yanwei Sun, Lianbo Gao, Shu-Sheng Liu, Xing Wang Deng, Daniel J. Kliebenstein, Xueping Zhou, Rong-Xiang Fang, Jian Ye

(A) Co-IP analysis of YFP-βC1, AtPIF3-HA and myc-MYC2 interaction in a complex. The myc-GUS was used as a negative control. (B) Relative expression levels of AtTPS10 in Col-0, pifq, myc2-1 and pifq/myc2-1 mutant plants after a 2 h treatment with different light. Values are mean ± SD (n = 3). (C-D) Whitefly preference on pifq/myc2-1 and Col-0 (C) or pifq mutant (D) in response to white, dark and red light. Plants were placed under darkness for 24 h, followed by a 2 h light exposure and then performed whitefly choice experiments. Values are mean + SD (n = 6) (*, P< 0.05; **, P< 0.01; ns, no significant differences; the Wilcoxon matched pairs test). (E) Effects of βC1 on trans-activation activity of AtPIF4 or AtMYC2 on AtTPS10 promoter under white light. AtTPS10 Promoter: LUC was used as a reporter construct. YFP, AtPIF4, AtMYC2 and βC1 were used as effector constructs. Values are mean ± SD (n = 8). In A and B, the same letters above the bar indicate lack of significant differences at the 0.05 level in Duncan’s multiple range test.