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iPSCs-derived neurons plated with glia express different electrophysiological properties than neurons plated on POL.

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posted on 2014-07-29, 03:16 authored by Deborah Prè, Michael W. Nestor, Andrew A. Sproul, Samson Jacob, Peter Koppensteiner, Vorapin Chinchalongporn, Matthew Zimmer, Ai Yamamoto, Scott A. Noggle, Ottavio Arancio

A) Representative APs in response to step current injections of 20 pA in current clamp mode for a cell at day 55 co-cultured with mouse glia. APs were observed on 13 out of 15 cells, and in 4 out of the 13 cells with APs rebound APs at the end of hyperpolarizing current injections were also present. B) Examples of mEPSCs recorded in voltage clamp configuration. Cells were plated on mouse glia by mixing them before plating. They were held at −70 mV. TTX at a concentration of 1 µM was added to the bath solution to suppress spontaneous excitation and to allow isolation of synaptic events induced by spontaneous transmitter release.