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eIF2α/ATF4 induces GRP78 accumulation in human CCA cells.

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posted on 28.02.2014, 04:18 by Chunhong Feng, Kai He, Chunyan Zhang, Song Su, Bo Li, Yuxiao Li, Chun-Yan Duan, Shaokun Chen, Run Chen, Youping Liu, Hong Li, Mei Wei, Xianming Xia, Rongyang Dai

(A) Western blot analysis of GRP78 in human cholangiocarcinoma cells. DMSO- and tunicamycin (Tun, 2.0 µg/ml)-treated HepG2 cells were used as negative and positive control, respectively. (B) RT-PCR analysis of spliced XBP1 mRNA in human CCA cells. Tunicamycin (Tun, 2.0 µg/ml)-treated QBC939 cells were used as positive control. (C) Western blot analysis of phosphorylated eIF2α and ATF4 in human CCA cells. Salubrinal (Sal, 25 µM)-treated HepG2 cells were used as positive control. (D) After transfected with ATF4 siRNA for 60 h, QBC939, RBE and HCCC-9810 cells were subjected to western blot analysis.