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cuf2Δ and meu5Δ gene disruptions have opposite effects on common meiosis-specific genes.

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posted on 27.04.2012, 01:52 by Raphael Ioannoni, Jude Beaudoin, Luis Lopez-Maury, Sandra Codlin, Jurg Bahler, Simon Labbe

A, Venn diagram representing the overlap between the cuf2+- and the meu5+-dependent genes. B, Total RNA from both the pat1-114/pat1-114 (cuf2+/cuf2+) and pat1-114/pat1-114 cuf2Δ/cuf2Δ disruption strains was analyzed throughout meiosis and sporulation. A representative RNase protection experiment of the effect of the absence of Cuf2 on the expression of the meu5+ transcript (especially 10 to 14 h after meiotic induction) is shown. C–D, Cultures of pat1-114/pat1-114, pat1-114/pat1-114 cuf2Δ/cuf2Δ, pat1-114/pat1-114 meu5Δ/meu5Δ and pat1-114/pat1-114 cuf2Δ/cuf2Δ meu5Δ/meu5Δ diploid cells were synchronously induced into meiosis under basal conditions. Total RNA was isolated from culture aliquots taken at the indicated time points. After RNA preparation, the wtf13+ and SPAC1B2.03c+ steady-state mRNA levels were analyzed by RNase protection assays using actin (act1+) as an internal control. The results shown are representative of three independent experiments.


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