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bbp embryos constrict at the margin at 50% epiboly, bursting the yolk.

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posted on 13.03.2009, 01:25 by Beth A. Holloway, Sol Gomez de la Torre Canny, Ying Ye, Diane C. Slusarski, Christina M. Freisinger, Roland Dosch, Margaret M. Chou, Daniel S. Wagner, Mary C. Mullins

Still images of WT and bbp embryos at the 1000-cell stage (A, B), 50% epiboly (A′, B′), and 50% epiboly at the burst (A″, B″). bbp embryos constrict just as they reach 50% epiboly. (C and D) Selected frames from time-lapse movies of WT and bbp embryos showing that the constriction occurs rapidly once the embryos have reached 50% epiboly.


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