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ZmSNAC1 localizes in nuclear speckles after ABA treatment when co-expressed with ZmOST1.

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posted on 01.03.2013, 10:54 by Belmiro Vilela, Alicia Moreno-Cortés, Agnese Rabissi, Jeffrey Leung, Montserrat Pagès, Victoria Lumbreras

ZmSNAC1-GPF localization is presented in the left, co-expressed with ZmOST1-HA in the middle and co-expressed with ZmOST1 [G40R]-HA in the right. Upper panel shows the localization of ZmSNAC1-GFP at the beginning of the experiment, centre panel the same localization after 30 minutes and the bottom panel represents ZmSNAC1-GFP localization after 30 minutes ABA treatment (10 µM).


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