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Ypt1 knockdown affects HAC1splicing and expression.

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posted on 2012-07-26, 00:33 authored by Nikoleta G. Tsvetanova, Daniel P. Riordan, Patrick O. Brown

(A) Gene expression of ypt1 (A) or sec12 (B) knockdown strain compared to isogenic parental wild type strain. In black, the signal distribution of (Log2(Knockdown/WT)) values for all genes is shown. In red, the distribution of (Log2(Knockdown/WT)) values for annotated UPR target genes [3] is shown. Red arrows point to values for canonical UPR target genes (HAC1i, KAR2, ERO1, PDI1) and black arrows show values obtained from HAC1u probes. Data presented are averages of two replicate experiments.