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Yield independent genome-wide kit evaluation using RRBS data for external validation.

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posted on 2013-03-16, 08:20 authored by Tim De Meyer, Evi Mampaey, Michaël Vlemmix, Simon Denil, Geert Trooskens, Jean-Pierre Renard, Sarah De Keulenaer, Pierre Dehan, Gerben Menschaert, Wim Van Criekinge

Fractions of mapped MBD-seq fragments corresponding with specific RRBS methylation degrees (binned per 2%) for the different cell lines (A, HCT15; B, DU145; C, PC3) and kits (violet, MethylMagnet; yellow, MethylCollector; blue, MethylCollector Ultra (MC Ultra); red, MethylCap; green, MethylMiner) with indication of the background profile (black, fractions of all RRBS values measured for specific cell line). Additionally, the same fractions after division by the corresponding background profile fractions are plotted (D, HCT15; E, DU145; F, PC3).


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