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Wnk1 and Wnk1/Hsn2 expression in the peripheral nervous system of adult mice.

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posted on 26.02.2013, 12:07 by Masoud Shekarabi, Ron G. Lafrenière, Rébecca Gaudet, Janet Laganière, Martin M. Marcinkiewicz, Patrick A. Dion, Guy A. Rouleau

(A–C) Tissue preparations from adult mouse trigeminal ganglion were stained with cresyl violet. (D–I) Corresponding sections were used in ISH detections with anti-sense Wnk1, anti-sense Wnk1/Hsn2 and sense Wnk1/Hsn2 (negative control) riboprobes; hybridization signals were detected by emulsion autoradiographies. Some sections were also co-immunolabeled (J–L) using anti-Wnk1/Hsn2 (red) and anti-glutamine synthetase (green) antibodies. Arrows in D and E show the expression of the Wnk1 and Wnk1/Hsn2 probes in trigeminal neurons. Arrows in G and H indicate the expression of Wnk1 and Wnk1/Hsn2, respectively, and in K shows Wnk1/Hsn2 expression in the neuronal somata. Arrowheads in G and H point to the high labeling of the Wnk1/Hsn2 riboprobe, and in K shows the high expression of Wnk1/Hsn2 in the supporting satellite cells. Dotted circles in G and H delineate the boundaries of neuronal somata and their supporting satellite cells.