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Whole-cell patch clamp recording of the cultured neural stem cell in 115 V/m DC electric field.

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posted on 2015-06-11, 03:45 authored by Huiping Zhao, Amanda Steiger, Mitch Nohner, Hui Ye

(A) Experimental setup, including perfusion chamber, two Ag/AgCl electrodes, a 1.5 V battery, and a recording glass electrode. Uniformed electric field was generated by passing electric current between two parallel Ag/AgCl electrodes. Potential difference was generated by the 1.5V battery. (B) Electric potential was measured by moving the electrode from one Ag/AgCl wire to the other one with a step of 1 mm. (C) Plot of voltage change vs. the distance of electrode moved. The field intensity is 115 V/m. (D) For whole cell patching, cells were plated on the matrigel on a small coverslip (10 mm X 10 mm), which was positioned in the recording chamber. Signal was amplified by a 700B amplifier and recorded by a computer. (E) Whole cell patch electrode was applied to the cell under visual guidance.