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Whole blood microRNA expression in lung adenocarcinoma cases and controls.

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posted on 28.09.2012, 02:21 by Santosh K. Patnaik, Sai Yendamuri, Eric Kannisto, John C. Kucharczuk, Sunil Singhal, Anil Vachani

A. Unsupervised clustering of the 45 samples of this study by log2-transformed microarray signal values of all 395 expressed microRNAs. The numbers indicate identities of the 45 subjects, with cases (n = 22) and controls (n = 23) shown in black and grey, respectively. The sample tree with optimized leaf-ordering is drawn using Pearson correlation for distance metric and average linkage for cluster-to-cluster distance, and the scale for it represents node-heights. B. Supervised clustering of microRNAs by their log2-transformed microarray signal values. The heat-map, with the pseudo-color scale underneath, shows log2-transformed microarray signal values of the 43 microRNAs whose expression is altered >25% in either direction in the cases compared to the controls. The gene tree is drawn as in A.


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