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Western blot of sLOX-1 released from cells treated with MβCD and different protease inhibitors.

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posted on 23.10.2015, 02:43 by Magda Gioia, Giulia Vindigni, Barbara Testa, Sofia Raniolo, Giovanni Francesco Fasciglione, Massimiliano Coletta, Silvia Biocca

LOX-1-V5-COS transfected cells were incubated with MβCD, GM6001, PMSF, Pepstatin A and the protease inhibitor cocktail (PI mix) (Calbiochem), as indicated (upper panel). Histogram shows the densitometric analysis expressed as percentage of reduction of sLOX-1 released in the presence of different protease inhibitors. 100% refers as sLOX-1 released in the presence of 5mM MβCD for 30 min (lower panel). Data in histograms represent the average ± SEM of three experiments, P < 0.05 (*), P < 0.01 (**) or P < 0.001 (***).