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Western blot and densitometric analysis of KLF8 Western blots in gliomas.

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posted on 19.01.2012, 00:28 by Oliver Schnell, Alexander Romagna, Irene Jaehnert, Valerie Albrecht, Sabina Eigenbrod, Kathrin Juerchott, Hans Kretzschmar, Jörg-Christian Tonn, Christian Schichor

Western blot was performed for samples from gliomas of different WHO grades (GBM °IV, LGG °II) as well as non-neoplastic brain (NNB) (A). Densitometric analysis of the Western blot revealed no significant difference in expression of the transcription factor KLF8 in GBM compared to LGG and non-neoplastic brain samples. Protein expression was normalized to the house-keeping gene β-actin (set as 1.0, B).


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